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    First and foremost, I am a devoted husband and a dedicated father of three beautiful children. This was the only page to fit this in on, but they are anything but a hobby. My family is my life, and my reason for becoming successful at my career. I have a supportive team at home who give me a positive attitude and a love for life that allows me to do what I do, and I never forget that.
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    Amateur Radio

    As an amateur radio operator, I have a technical background that is hard to express in words. From antenna calculations to radio repair, I have had a number of interesting experiences in this hobby. I have gone to 800' up a tower at which height people aren't ants, houses are! I have volunteered in disasters, helped with recovery efforts, directed traffic, bandged wounds, triaged injured people, repaired equipment ranging from brand new to 50 years old, and so much more! Although I don't have much time for this hobby anymore, I am still licensed and I am ready for anything.
  • Computers

    People often say that they like computers, but I love computers. I have ripped most of my DVDs and I keep the digital copies on a network hard drive which then plays back on my TV using a box that I connected to the network as well. I have 4 functioning computers in my house and several older ones as well, along with a network printer or two, network drives, a hacked XBOX, and a lot more. I can do almost anything with computers, so if you need someone to hook up a digital information system which lets you watch anything you have on DVD but never have to look at a DVD again, I'm your man. If you need a server managed, I'm your man. If you need something that is off the wall, I'm your man. And my wife is a copywriter and a close friend is a graphic designer so this "team" can handle just about any task that is put in front of it.
  • CERT (Community Emergency Response Team)

    I entered the CERT program in 2001, I was number 766 to join the Miami-Dade County Community Emergency Response program. This program went through up times and down times. I was the communications commander for many years, in charge of inter-team communications after a disaster (using ham radio). This gave me a unique position in emergency response and allowed me to meet a lot of interesting people. The program was transfered to the newly created Department of Homeland Security around 2004, and after a few months that department was shut down. This left the program unfunded. Speaking at a CERT conference with the director of the CERT programs around the state of Florida, the reasons for this were implied to me off the record. While talking to him, I was given permission to get a badge (picture coming soon) that displays my name and title, along with CERT as my department. I also use this badge for special events, such as the MS-150.

    My training with the CERT program included light search and rescue, fire suppression, extracation, triage and basic medical response. I attended many conferences and training events for the program, and I am looking for pictures from those conferences and training events. I will add them to the list below as I find them.
  • Astronomy

    From childhood when I read every book on outerspace and physics that I could get my hands on, to high school when I was a staff member at the Fox Observatory, and then college when I was the director of the Nicholas Copernicus Observatory, I have always enjoyed astronomy. As an professional astronomer, I dream of one day running a small non-profit observatory like the Fox Observatory when I retire. Although my current work is not in astronomy, and I don't have an astrophysics degree, I would welcome astronomy related job offers during any period in which I am otherwise searching for work.
  • MS-150

    I participate in this event every year. It is a 150 mile round trip bike ride (in two days with a campout overnight in between). I direct traffic and control one of the most dangerous and important intersections on the route. The event in always in April or May and occurs on a weekend so it doesn't interfere with my work. I have been working this event since 1999 and I thoroughly enjoy it.
  • Education

    Education is the ultimate way to increase your awareness of the world around you. I listen to educational books on tape and I beleive that you can learn anything during your commute if you commit to listening to the right books. I participate in online learning with various sites. And I read books whenever possible.
  • Coin collecting

    Okay, everyone makes fun of this hobby, but I enjoy it. One day I hope to have enough money to collect more seriously, but for now it's a hobby that I parctice when I visit antique stores and garage sales.